Q: Can I park on the ice?
A: No. Main parking is located in our parking lot.

Q: Is there a place I can warm up?
A: We have a heated concession tent.

Q: I caught two fish. Should I register both?
A: You may register as many fish as you like. However, only the largest fish in each category will count. We have prizes for the largest open tournament fish, largest youth tournament fish and the largest pan fish.

Q: Can I bring bait?
A: Yes you can bring any type of bait except minnows.

Q: Do you have bait for sale?
A: Yes, we will have minnows & wax worms for sale. Please bring a minnow bucket if you plan on purchasing minnows.

Q: Can I bring my ice shack?
A: Yes, hand pulled portable shelters will be allowed. Shelters can only be placed on a hole provided for the contest. Additional holes, inside shelters, can be drilled by Ice Fish Fest staff . Drilling additional fishing holes will be based upon the number of tickets held by the group and staff availability.
Q: Where are “pre registered” tickets picked up?
A: All tickets are picked up at the registration booth at Catfish Bays front Gate from 10:30 am to 1 pm on tournament day. 

Q: A youth ticket holder caught the largest fish of the day do they win the $1,000 prize?
A: No, they will only win the largest youth prize. If they had purchased an open ticket they would have won the $1,000.

Q: Are tickets still available the day of the contest?
A: Yes tickets will be available at the gate the day of the event. They are more expensive so we are encouraging everyone to pre-register online. Registering online will save you money and help us plan the event better. Online registration ends a few days before the event

Q: What is Catfish Bay going to do with the money?
A: The proceeds help pay for Ice Fish Fest expenses like prizes and stocking the the private lake. The proceeds also help the all volunteer Catfish Bay Water Ski Team maintain Catfish Bay and provide funding for youth programs like Camp OnAqua.

Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: NO, Catfish Bay is licensed as a "Fee Fishing Facility" by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks.

Q: Can I bring a cooler onto the ice?
A: Yes, but no glass is allowed. Coolers will be allowed but all coolers will be subject to a mandatory search or they will not be allowed into the contest area.

Q: Do you have handicap parking?
A: Yes, in designated areas with a valid sticker. Please talk with our parking volunteers to help assist with handicap parking.

Q: Can I keep my fish?
A: No, this is a catch and release tournament all fish must be released.

Q: Can you use a fish/depth locator and underwater camera or GPS?
A: Yes you can use electronic equipment. 

Q: Are spectators welcome?
A: Yes, the event is free for spectators to get into Catfish Bay for the day. We do appreciate spectators and participants supporting of our concessions and other fundraising efforts happening that day.

Q: Can I check the depth?
A: Yes starting at 12  pm, but only with a depth finder or a line without a hook. All lines must be out of the water by 12:45 pm until the official start.

Q: When can I enter the contest area on the ice & start fishing?
A: You can enter the ice at 12:00 pm to reserve your holes by placing your equipment next the hole. You can check the depth but you cannot start fishing until 1:00 pm when the tournament officially starts.

Q: Are concessions available?
A: Yes, concessions will be available starting at 10:30 am.

January 27, 2018

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